What do we bring to the table?

Ghost3Media focuses on optimizing and fundamentally growing any size business through insights, data extrapolation, web optimization, SEO, SEM, digital advertising and tying all the pieces together so you give your business the attention it needs. We work on a collaborative approach with each of our clients with each step to our process. Whether we are scoping the amount of work, or working on copy for ads or simply testing a new image on your website banner, each step comes with collaborative and communication-filled back and forth with each of our clients.



PAID media

With expert insight into consumer behavior, we develop informed and innovative strategies that help brands achieve their goals and beyond on all paid media fronts. This starts with but certainly is not limited to Facebook ads,Google AdWords and Bing Ads pay-per-click (PPC) advertising accounts, enabling clients to maximize advertising results.




Email marketing

Don’t be that brand that sends emails so chaotically, that the only box you hit is the spam box. We have had over 15 years of experience with diligent customer touchpoint email marketing. We have set up funnels that have over 35 customer interaction points all the way down to setting up a simple “Thank You For Your Order” email. Email marketing has come down to a science integrated with strong behavioral studies of a subscriber, we have mixed the perfect ingredients that will generate the best open rates, click rates and low spam report rates.

WEB/AD Design

A website is about establishing your brand’s online presence and providing the tools for optimal conversion and a proper user experience all combined in what we all call the holy grail, your “website”. The future is mobile, and we can take you there. With turnaround times of less than 72 hours for an interactive and powerful website, we are far from shying away to say we house some of the fastest web developers in the industry. Our web designs starting from our banners ranging to every clickthrough dimension of the website have landed us awards listing us as Top 25 designed websites in e-commerce.


We specialize in delivering results in multiple markets. We are committed to growing our clients’ ROI through industry-leading search campaigns. We live and breathe SEO and pride ourselves on quality above all and as marketers we grow, protect, & manage brands online through custom solutions designed to fit your needs.



Just got your website up and running and getting questions like- why aren’t you on Amazon yet? Ebay? Jet.com? Walmart.com? Rakuten? Yes, we get it, there’s no end to it and handling it all is not a one - person show. We pride ourselves on building an automated feed and scraper which inherently extracts your website into automated feeds to get you onto all the 3PL Ecom platforms instantly upon approval. This has given our clients the advantage of showcasing their brand in multiple places at the same time without needing to spend months trying to get there.


We always make the most of our client's most powerful asset; their first party data, especially when being used for direct response campaigns. Whether this is modeling look-a-like audiences from on-site behaviors and customer databases, or building remarketing lists and onboarding customer databases for suppression, modeling or lead nurture.