Founded by Social Marketing Engineers who have amassed $100M+ Revenue across all clients serving over 10,000 campaigns with 80 million impressions reached and counting.


Founded on the principles of render, recycle, refine and repeat, we have served over 20 startups and corporations in a variety of custom service offerings. Each client for us is what we like to call a partner. Many agencies are formed on the principle of making top dollar on the penny in terms of their time. However for us, we believe in taking a part of what we built and only that. Starting with our pricing methodology which incurs no fixed cost and works on a GUARANTEED revenue increase ranging to our communication funnel which allows our partners to ONLY speak with one of the founders and never a campaign representative, we have outlined the true definition of what it takes to work less as an agency and more as a partner with everyone we work with.


We have defined the principle of not taking on work we don’t feel we can bring value to. Our process starts with multiple calls with a founder which serves as a first look into scoping our work with the partner. Followed by easyshare of access points for platforms, dashboards and data. We quickly follow this up with results tiered off multiple tests and lastly a guaranteed run for an uptick in revenue is formulated.


With every partner we have developed success stories on our work and have testinomials proving our repeated pattern of results. With a 100% retention rate of continued engagement with all of our partners, we like to call on the saying “the proof is in Ghost 3 Media”.