What is Programmatic Buying?

Programmatic Buying

Programmatic buying is the sale and purchase of advertising space in real time using algorithms. During the process, a software system is used to automate the buying, optimization and placement of media inventory using a bidding process. This type of buying and marketing is an amazing way of targeting users and audience that businesses wish to show the advertising to. Just like paid search you can limit the ads to times of frequency and day. 

Automated Process

The entire process of ad buying is automated and this enables it to be done in real time. This methodology helps deliver far more precise and personalized message resulting in an effective targeted campaign. This is driving efficiency in resource and spend. Programmatic makes the buying, placement and optimization process more efficient. 

Programmatic marketing enables the brand to tailor a specific message using audience insight. This means that your business and brand is only paying for ads that are highly effective. The ads are delivered to the right people at the right time and this significantly increases its chances of success. It is a big change from the traditional ad buying. 

Brand marketers are finding the new system increasingly attractive as this technology is now used to access traditional TV inventory too with plenty of ad time using the online medium. Most big brands are using this innovative technology to buy media. 

Evaluate Ad Buying and Placement

Ad buyers are using programmatic marketing to buy ads online and then evaluate them mid-campaign so that they know what works best and what doesn’t. This is based on factors such as audience segment, geographies and time of day when the ad is played. This can help narrow down the target and ensures that the business is paying only for highly effective ads. 

Programmatic buying helps streamline the entire process and this helps save a lot of time and effort. Marketers can make use of this technology to consolidate customer interaction across multiple channels. This marketing strategy can be used to best engage with customers. This enables businesses to focus on other aspects of marketing. 

The new technology not just helps in establishing a more transparent market for media buyers but also has an impact on prices. It has helped consolidate the analytical process by reducing the time spent on ad buying and placement. It is slowly but surely emerging as the future of digital marketing and advertising. 

Programmatic ads are placed using real time bidding and artificial intelligence for mobile and video campaigns, social media advertising, online display and traditional TV advertising. By using new technologies, ads can be used to reach the right audience at the right time. This results in higher quality leads and conversions for brands and businesses. 

All that the marketers need to do is to provide information about key performance indicators and campaign goals so that the software system use the algorithm to buy and place ads. The good news is that this technology can help identify patterns in advertising that are beneficial for your brand and business.